To Do or Not to Do – No Naps Please

It has been a little over three weeks without another heart attack.  

(Maybe I am over that hump for a minute???)

I am starving due to a diet of tasteless goo and no red meat.  The craving for a Whopper with a side of Klondike bar is almost overwhelming; to the point that I dream of them in the fitful sleep I manage to get.  And let’s not even talk about honey buns.

Blood pressure is staying low by my standards, normal for the average bear.  My glucose levels almost look like normal.  Maybe the cholesterol numbers, especially that four digit triglyceride number, are better – doc will have to let me know next month.  Down almost 25lbs…but I would gladly put five back on for that Whopper if I thought the boss wouldn’t find out.

I bought some paint for the bathroom…has been needing it since a hair dying incident occurred – not mine nor Joys for the record – so at least I made slight progress on the to do list.  The dishes are washed and the kitchen is clean, so I got that going for me.  Even cleaned a toilet, I may have to outsource some of this kept man work.

Straightened up all my plastics and lures for fishing, replaced all the line on my reels, charged my batteries and am about to finish some wiring on my kayak that I have rigged for over a year to keep on the water.  I could never find the time with that whole job thing consuming me.  Seriously considering a tournament on Guntersville.  Also, made a spreadsheet with tournaments I might fish, on a budget now, so I created an accounting sheet to know when I am done.  

I watched the entire first season of the Real McCoys, learned that the first Gilligan’s Island had a different theme song and cast for the first show, realized how bad that 90’s show is compared to that 70’s show; Carol Burnett is still funny after all these years and Hulu doesn’t have the best movies.  The Greatest Beer Run Ever movie was better than I thought it would be, Zac Effron was always a clown to me but I was surprised.

I have been writing a great novel.  Ok.  In my mind it is great…and way too few pages to be considered a novel…but doing something.  Also jotted down some notes for my consulting manual – “28 years in a Dilbert Cartoon” or “Toyota ain’t the only way” – not sure the title yet, but moving along.

This stupid dog is sitting staring at me growling and whining because I am ignoring it.  It is a needy little beast.

So, what have I learned in retirement/heart attack land?  

  • I really do wish I was a bear.
    • I was asked in an interview what kind of animal would I like to be and why.  I replied a bear because they are big and scary, so people leave them alone and if not, I could just swat the worst of ‘em.  Theyfish and hunt, then hibernate in the winter.  I am really wishing this cold would pass, I see the benefits in holing up for the winter even more now. Yep, a bear doesn’t watch I love Lucy and the Beverly Hillbillies I bet.  
  • I don’t miss work.
    • If I was totally honest, I would say that missing work is not accurate; missing the interaction with people is real.  It was nice to joke with folks and to collaborate, well, most people anyway.  I will miss the money…but it is not everything for sure.
  • Freaking Whoppers rule!
    • I mean let’s be for real, anything with that much fat, cholesterol, carbs all wrapped up in a greasy wrapper has to be awesome – right???  The only thing that comes close is a honey bun…then there is the Klondike Bar…man I am hungry.
  • I don’t like naps.
    • I knew I never really did, but the last month I have taken some that seem to be forced on me by the condition I have let this temple get in.  As relaxing as the word nap sounds, it makes me feel worse to lose my place in some old tv show!  But my body ain’t as young as it once was – it just turns off some days.
  • To follow my personal to do list.

Oh well, this dog isn’t stopping, and I need some goo for lunch.  Till later.


~ by mrcsworld on January 23, 2023.

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