From the Jar – day old doughnuts (donuts??).

He sat in his truck with the window down during the misty morning sipping a Diet Pepsi, eating day old doughnuts.  There had been no movement from the small house across the street.  He had only looked away to keep from peeing on himself while using the empty Pepsi bottles, so he felt certain no one was up.

“Man, they can’t sleep all day, can they?”  

He sent another text.  Took another sip.

He knew it had been a couple of hours and it was getting light. He opened the box that said “donuts”.   

“Is it doughnuts or donuts?”    

He smiled because it didn’t really matter.  They were good.

It was now light enough that he could see a chocolate covered doughnut; one he had somehow missed.  They always went first, but somehow this one had escaped. 

He was taking a bite watching the icing crumble – as the sugar rushed through his tastebuds – it collecting on his shirt with the glaze and powder from the last few.  He closed his eyes for a second.

He thought to himself that day old donuts have to be the most under rated food group on the pyramid!

As his eyes opened, he saw a light come on in the upstairs window.  

He received a text.

Then a light in the downstairs windows.  

And the door opened.  

She waved to him.  He stepped out of his truck carrying the empty “donut” box, then depositing it into the trash can sitting on the street.  He noticed several empty wine bottles sitting on top as he dusted off the icing crumbs.


She hugged him as he topped the stairs.  

“You been drinking any?”

“I have been so worried!  Anything could have….”

The sound of a couple of sets of feet came up behind her and she stopped talking.  He reached down to hug his kids and caught her looking at him. 

“It’s ok.  Everything is ok.” He replied as he stood back up.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?  Why didn’t you come in?”

Touching her face he replied, “I didn’t want to bother y’all.  I made it back early this morning and just wanted to make sure you guys rested.  I needed to decompress a bit and had doughnuts to keep me company.”

She dusted a few remaining crumbs from his shirt.  

“You know you shouldn’t be eating those!”

He replied, sounding very tired.  “Not the worst thing I did the last couple of days.”

Then she paused before asking, “How did it…”. 

He cut her off before she could finish.  

“He will never touch them again.”  

She took his hand, pulled her children and husband tight.  They walked into the house, closing the door.


~ by mrcsworld on January 10, 2023.

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