Been quiet…but not tonight. a rant….sorry.

Reading some posts getting tired of remaining silent. Sorry but I see losing friends in my future and that makes me sadder than you will understand…truly sad. But….

…a post asked this….

Ok, now that its looking like Biden wins… To any of my friends please Answer this!!!

Tell me, just tell me, if you can, in an adult educated way, how we american people will benefit under a Biden and Harris Presidency? I’m open to what people have to say.

A Response on the post….Women’s healthcare could remain in the hands of women, keeping trans and gay rights. You know, basic human rights.

And response to that….(Name removed) trans and gay rights??? Say what??? You mean one of the core things ruining this earth??? Women’s healthcare can remain in the hands of women??? Ummmmm, what???

Post number 2….


That post had comments like this…

They just despise Trumps that much. Plus any of us that are for Trump. His attitude, sometimes arrogance and just says what he thinks.

What I say to these people is, do you not say, think and do things at some point. You know everyone wouldn’t like. Beyond reasoning.

Then that was followed by name calling…

“70 million idiots”.

And one more….

This is not a debate because at this point I dont care what your opinion is. My question is for the people that voted for Biden did you do it because you think he would do a better job than President Trump or is it out of hatred.

So here I go….

It is definitely not hatred for the man, but I am embarrassed that this is the image other countries will assume is all of us. “Us” includes you and those millions of “idiots” who are still human beings…your neighbors, co workers…the same people you worship with at your church…but the current situation has made y’all feel empowered and emboldened enough to publicly call others idiots (and far, far worse); to make it ok to think another point of view makes someone less; because that is the example being set by a man who “says what he thinks” no matter who it hurts.

The one role that was the most respected in the world….now our children see the person in this role calling fellow citizens names; our elected Senators and Representatives facing the same harassment when they disagree.

Our children would be sent home from school for that behavior…I had my daughter apologize to others for less….and we as adults should say “he just says what he thinks”; the leader of our country…I call bullshit.

I honestly am not positive that Biden will be the greatest president of our time, but I feel certain he will treat the office and our allies with the respect, civility and humanity that we all should expect for (and give to) each other. And I am extremely certain that if he does more harm than good we, all of us, will vote to remove him.

Division only makes this wonderful country weaker. The conversations and attacks aimed at fellow human beings only help to build the case for those 60 million to want something different, something more compassionate and tolerant. The president is not this country, we are; us….and I personally strive to be better than what I have been witnessing and refuse to say it is ok.

Whoever is elected this (or any) year in our democracy are not going to take our guns. They are not going to make us a country of socialists or communists….not as long as we remain a United States…our unity is our strength. But I have seen such a degradation of that unity….we continue to build walls and treat our neighbors as the enemy….so much that WE are the real threat to freedom. Especially if we apathetically watch it and do not speak up.

Maybe you will hate me because I believe in something that doesn’t resemble the hatred and intolerance we have been witnessing (and justifying) for our brothers and sisters on this earth. Maybe you will hate that I do not care if people are “gay” or “trans” or a freaking purple haired, tattooed and pierced Muslim…or what race you list yourself as on a census….you were born on this earth and should be given the opportunity to walk it in peace – we are, after all, created equal….right?

I will tell you again that it is not about hate for me; but it would never ever be a choice of “a great economy” over tolerance and compassion. It is about integrity. It is about honesty. It is about who I want my kids, grandkids – and their families – to emulate.

And it is not the last four years.

So….this is what drove one of those “idiots” to want better, to vote his conscience. Because isn’t it time to build something all of us – the collective and colorful “we” – can get behind?


~ by mrcsworld on November 5, 2020.

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