Watermelon Kool Aid please…

I like Kool Aid. Grape is my favorite, although the blue raspberry is a close second; watermelon you can keep. I drank them as a kid, and now I pour it from tiny squeeze bottles into bottled water because, to be honest, I would rather have the watermelon flavor than plain water – my personal opinion is that it just sucks.

As much as I like Kool Aid, I would never have drank the Kool Aid offered by Jim Jones…nor do I have a taste for corporate Kool Aid and its flavor of the month club…and just as distasteful is the newest flavor I am being asked to swallow…gender neutral.

On tv this morning, I saw that I should write or say “they” instead of “he” or “she”. This is after (was it a scandal?) some diversity groups pushed for everyone to do this also.

They said (it was he for the record) that “they” (again HE said) is a favored personal pronoun….it promotes the gender neutrality that we must, in order to be PC, accept. In that second, I put down my glass of grape Kool Aid and picked up my pc (computer – did I offend it by calling it a pc…hmmmm) and started this rant.

Let us (he’s, she’s, those stuck somewhere between) be who we are, what we are, how we are….I really don’t care about that, nor do I have any desire to exclude you from my life. But the reality is that we have defined the male species and the female species – in humans, animals, plants….in writings, in plays, in movies (how else can he say or she say???) since we crawled from the primordial ooze or wherever you feel we started.

My grandson…my grandperson??…grandthem???….dishrag….is a “he”. He comes to my house, he laughs with me, he plays with toys – I don’t give a shit if he likes Barbie over GI Joe, he…he…he…is of the male species. So as long as he is unable to tell me that his choice is to change that…which is completely possible in this day and time; and his choice if he so decides (which would be with my love and support by the way – no matter my opinions)…he will be “he”.

I guess to be honest, what I am trying to say is that I don’t want this world to be just plain, gender neutral, flavored water. I want some grape Kool Aid, I want blue raspberry, I want all colors of the rainbow and all the nuances that each of those adds to the mix….I want him to love her, him to love him, her to love her…us to just love each other and quit fucking getting our panties, boxers, tighty whities….that again is your choice…in a bunch over some personal pronouns.

So….he said that she was with him on the way to her house. He was driving her car. They (there is your they) all agreed to meet there to support his decision to switch from the male species to the female species. He understood that it was his mother who would fight it the most, and his father may never accept “her”….but they would love him regardless…and they would all drink Kool Aid for dinner.

I am PC’d out….going to get a glass of watermelon Kool Aid…..it will be easier to swallow.


~ by mrcsworld on January 10, 2016.

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