Ramblings of an old soul…

Took one of those silly little Facebook (what do you call them) quizzes – that promised to tell me “How old is your soul?”

Now I understand why I feel a bit tired sometimes, why my mind wanders….it told me…

“Your soul is 3121 yrs old. People can see it in your eyes. You’re an old, experienced and mature soul whose seen life in different ways, yet still is full of love for it.”

Googled the events of 1106 BC to see what might have been happening during the year my soul was created. It says that nothing notable happened. I did find that there was a couple of lunar eclipses and a solar eclipse….I would have been 6 when the Mycenaean civilization ended and the Greek dark ages started…and the New Kingdom in Egypt ended.

Many years ago I read Gary Zukav’s Seat of the Soul, did I subconsciously read it to see if he really knew about me and my longevity? It did lead me to the Dancing Wu Li Masters and an intense interest in physics….hmmmmm…connected?

Am I merely part of a collective soul? If that is true, that would most likely make me an infant in the family of souls…my consciousness learning to explore this place and time – reporting back to the mother soul….or the mother ship??? Google, here I come…

Anyway…made me smile at the thought that all of the paths I have taken seeking knowledge, all of the religions I learned something about, the books I have read, the classes I took in school and college….even the crazy stuff I have found on the internet (not all good for the record)…the experiments with drugs, alcohol…meditation, Shirley MacLaine’s philosophies….metaphysics…God…Buddha…diving into my tiny bit of Cherokee heritage and the memory of the way my grandfather would speak in the language, its mystical attachment….searching…seeking…

…the owl I saw outside my bedroom window as a child, in what felt like daylight though it was around midnight…..Whitley Strieber sparked a whole new path to explore when he described what I saw in his book….and a new definition in Communion….aliens or angels among us….

…where was I….

I guess at 3121 years old, it is acceptable to get sidetracked.

I am not certain my life has been lived that differently than others (my Joy thinks so a bit), but I do think I have taken it in from as many angles as possible. Trying to know, trying to rationalize it, trying to make sense of it all. I don’t always understand the hurt we can cause each other, that I have caused at times to those I cared about; but I do love this world. I trust that it will take care of us and give us what we need.

Maybe I just look that old, so this quiz picked that up….I look pretty damn good for 3121….

….even if I do look like hell for 53.

….anyway……back to life, back to reality….or not.


At 3121 years, I am old enough to decide for myself.


~ by mrcsworld on January 5, 2016.

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