No chipmunks……no way…

Watching Adele.

What else can you say..…if I had the words to describe that, I wouldn’t be dreading work in the morning, I would be celebrating my latest literary accomplishment instead of releasing meaningless words on this page. Oh well….

I just wrote a letter to our HOA cause they offended me with the tone of some letters that had sent to the neighborhood and need to let out more!!! Sucks for others at times that I am at least capable of stringing together sentences.

Rambling thoughts…..disconnected….may be from being sick all weekend….but…

Tuning up to celebrate Christmas with my Joy and Dishrag….yeah, ok, and everyone else….but can’t wait for a Dishrag and Steve Christmas.

I know saying Christmas, or Merry Christmas or anything like that is offensive to some….probably no more than what I am about to say – so log off, google something else, or suffer this…….I warned you…so….my Christmas is the kind I grew up with. It wasn’t about church and the little baby Jesus, it wasn’t about Mary or mangers or any other notion that drives societies, religions or entire populations to crusade trying to eradicate those who don’t agree. It wasn’t, and still is not that to me.

It is about giving, it is about Santa (or the magic of Virginia’s Santa Claus), it is lights on the tree with few presents that have meaning for those they are intended for under it, it is peace, love, hope for a new year…..close friends and family….It is “It’s a wonderful life” looping in the background as Clarence gets his wings. It is a “miracle on 34th street” kinda Christmas – where we at my house don’t give a fat rat’s ass what your religion, race, sexual preference, alcohol choice or how done you like your toast…for a few hours we can break bread and share that which we have with everyone….and dreams can come true.

It is going to Waffle House for breakfast and leaving a hundred dollar tip for those who work that day to care for those they love, to a chinese buffet for dinner cause they are open….it is 20 bucks in a salvation army bucket and smiling at the person ringing the bell….stopping for someone who looks like they need help, just to help.

It is giving something of yourself to everyone you pass – a single simple smile if that is all you have to give at that moment. Just being ok with everyone for a while.

Some of you know I was a mall santa way back in the day. I was at the time an atheist serving as a symbol of commercial Christmas, sponsored by a Jewish store owner stationed in a chair with a pillow belly and glasses with no glass in them – I explained them away as magic when asked……put there to take pictures with all nationalities, colors, sexes….just for memories that some of you may now possess….funny now that I wrote that….some of you may have pictures with a seventeen year old mall santa in your scrapbook that looks exactly like me……cause it was….hmmmmm…..if your pic is from 1979 at two rivers mall I was one of the “helpers”……just sayin….


Anyway….my Christmas was formed by my parents and our time in Alaska, our move to Tennessee and the fortune that put me there in that chair.

It wasn’t the kids who pulled the beard, it wasn’t the kids who brought catalog pages (long before the internet!), it wasn’t the kids who were so excited or scared that they peed on me as the pictures were taken….

…it was the kid who when I asked what he wanted for Christmas said to a 17 year old child who didn’t believe in much of anything pretending to be santa….when this kid told me all he wanted was for his sibling to be able to walk….

That selflessness, at such an innocent age….it taught me that it doesn’t fucking matter what color I am, or they were….it doesn’t matter what god I pray to or don’t….it doesn’t matter if I am married to a man or a woman…or both…..if I am Muslim, Catholic, Atheist, Baptist, wiccan, gonna leave someone out who will be offended – sucks to be you who cannot celebrate, all of whatever you are or believe…..

… my Merry Christmas I plan to teach dishrag the same things I taught his mom, my bug…..that it ain’t always about you and your beliefs. It ain’t always about some cause. Sometimes it is just about a fake tree and the lights, it is about singing some silly song about your grandma and some reindeer, it is about making fudge…..caramel corn – eating it till you are sick!! Zsu Zsu’s petals…….

Some days, it is just about someone else……………somedays you just want to wish the impossible for those you love.


Some days….

….well, anyway….that is my kind of Christmas…….and it will be merry if I want it to be…….


……………………..dishrag……if you get old enough to read this…..Yes, there is a Santa Claus….he lives inside you, in all of us who still believe in love and hope, living with tolerance and compassion. Signed Steve.



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