Hee, hee, heh, hah, ho

Woke up this morning (camping trip with the r-pod = #4) to find the water frozen, my body aching and the wood a bit too green to build a roaring fire. It is twenty too cold degrees outside and woody woodpecker is laughing….actually just pecking the tree….but manically in my mind. And in spite of all that could start this day off on a less than wonderful note, did you see the first two words of this paragraph….woke up; another day to live and feel the sun on my face.

I fired up some charcoal, grilled some low sodium bacon and cooked oatmeal with pecans in an iron skillet over the heat. The fire had actually caught a bit by then, so I stood listening to the woodpecker, while watching an 8 point buck watch me as it foraged (for whatever they forage for in the forest) in what felt like….well, it was still 20ish degrees here at Fall Creek Falls….so it felt freaking cold.

My Joy was still under the covers, I could hear her turn over now and again – probably ’cause I kept banging the side of the camper with a frozen water hose….not sure. I picture her dreaming of me and rolling to and fro….ok, it was me banging around…..thankfully I brought a small propane heater to set under the tent that attaches to the front of the Arrrrrr-Pod in the early morning briskness….but since it has turned to full blown arctic winter in Tennessee, I used it to thaw the water and then went inside.

There was a small girl playing with her little brother or sister a few sites away – couldn’t tell with all the clothes the parents had bundled it in – as she stood on an empty fire pit I heard her proclaim herself to be the “Queen of Fire”….then the “Queen of Sticks and Fire”….drowning out the woodpecker who refused to move on with his life…and for a few seconds I enjoyed being in the presence of royalty…..and thought about little dishrag….

Everywhere we have walked, every fall we have seen, every inch of every piece of ground we have covered….we find ourselves looking forward to a time when dishrag can follow with us and we can share with him the beauty that I wish we could have shared together as a couple with our kids…..insert silent lamenting sighs or sounds here…but not regret for the road to here…….or that maybe one day we still can convince our kids to join us on our adventures….hmmmmmmm…..maybe…


……and life is as it should be in my opinion…..for myself at least today…..being savored.


Hee, hee, heh, hah, ho. Hee…..in a woody woodpecker voice…..I love being alive.




~ by mrcsworld on November 23, 2015.

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