Thought I had shared this in October….

It has rained for three days now. And the highest temp has been just below 70 degrees. My feet are shriveled from fishing in the rain, my clothes are damp and I am pretty sure that if someone from the outside world were to get close enough; I would smell less than attractive.

And it has been great.

We went to Ohio, picked up our RPod from Couches RV Nation, and drove here to Dale Hollow Campground. After setting it up (fortunately during a rain break) and attaching the dome – a tent like structure that adds more space – my Joy and I moved in for the weekend; and began our second camping trip together…..not as spur of the moment as the tent we bought in Colorado to sleep in the wilderness on our first trip….but again, it has been great.

Well, except for the fact that I had to drive several miles; finally ending in a parking spot beside the dam that would allow me to call in for a meeting to find it had been canceled…..and if we backed up too far, we lost that signal too….we are loving our ArrrrPod (complete with a jolly roger that Joy made) and the fact that I cannot get any phone signal here.

There are potatoes cooking in the convection oven to compliment the two pound rainbow trout I caught this morning…..bragging that he was so big compared to the 6 inchers that I had been catching….a little Zach Brown Band in the background, my Joy next to me……

I cannot help but feel that this is closer to how I would like to live. No rushing to jobs, to meetings (to parking lots trying to get service for a meeting), to buy unneeded things….rushing past my life, skipping events chasing money and security. Before anyone says anything, yes this camper costs too, and the site it is parked on is not free; but it would definitely cost less than my current income to maintain – and the overhead of this “house” vs the 2000 plus sq ft home where we spend most of our time is (not exponentially, but) much less.


I stood on the banks of the Obey River the last couple of days casting, reeling….casting, reeling…thinking about the unhappiness I feel at what I do for a living; wondering why I keep worrying, stressing, driving to be the best when it is not what gives me happiness…fishing for answers…casting, reeling…feeling so content with just being outside – even in the rain, the cold….still so alive!

Why couldn’t I have found the wisdom passed to me during my open heart surgery two years ago…twenty years ago? Was I just too stubborn to understand…to accept the message…in my youth; did it really take a true glimpse at mortality to appreciate a day? Did I have to almost die to realize that today may be the last day I breathe – and do I really want to spend it earning money for or from corporate America? Is that me….no, afraid not any longer than I absolutely have to do it.

I thought of my dad who learned he had cancer about the same age as I am today – and wondered – had he found happiness? Had he discovered some insight into what it was that he wanted? Or had he woke up on that day, with that diagnosis, and realized that he had “overslept” and missed the morning where he got to realize what mattered….or had he been blessed enough to know all along? Did he suddenly rush to do or say things he hadn’t…or just sat down to await the inevitable?

Casting and reeling….learning more about me….deeper and deeper……and deeper…..

~ by mrcsworld on November 22, 2015.

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