Do you want a cookie???

There were three things that drove me to say yes.

A month or two ago, we ran into an old friend who was loading up with her boyfriend to travel to Washington. Day after day, I would see photos of that journey – the journey, no daily destinations; youth, free…living outside of expectations.

I had heart surgery, no heart attack, but quadruple bypass due to a close call….left alive, but in spite of that still forgetting to live every day.

And she asked me after we watched a movie (Big Game) that had some line saying something about “sometimes when you want a cookie, you just need to eat a cookie”….and I needed this cookie – something told me I had to have this cookie.

…so really four things….

I also missed the freedom I used to allow in my life, not cuffed to a job, mortgage or money for bills…the chance to just go appealed to me….to be in my twenties where I stayed away from convention and expectations of “normal”. To live.

So I said yes, we canceled out flight back to Nashville from Arizona (a family trip); struggled, but finally found a rental car that would not cause a second mortgage….and we set out on a 1300 mile drive – six days with no schedule….Nashville by Sunday.

I would personally say that I recommend you do or try something….virtually never, your life is not my business….but…maybe a Paul and Jackie’s Jackie Burger (once a month for me now), maybe the carrot cake at the Catfish House….laying outside on a dark night to watch a meteor shower…..and….

…..if you wife asks you to cancel a flight and drive across as much of the United States as you can…..or your spouse (it was my wife)…..say yes. The job will be there when you get home, if not, there are always other opportunities. This world will provide for you….this I ALWAYS believe….

….but our lives are not filled with tomorrows……and we are not promised any todays….so say yes. Do not hesitate.

Find your corner in Winslow, Arizona and stand there. Visit the places you thought were out of your reach when they taught you about them – the Petrified Forest really does exist. Try some Navajo Fry Bread (made by Navajo’s) as you walk through four states in a minute; talk with strangers about their children, their day. Win eighty dollars in a Ute Casino…lose 80 dollars.

Drive with no path, no reservations (for places to stay, or about where to go!)….look on a map, google (during those small periods that you can find signal) the largest, smallest, weirdest…just happen upon the continental divide or the geographic center of the 48 contiguous states.

Buy a tent, a sleeping bag and flashlight; stop in some remote spot and build a fire….watch the night drift past as the world…a world that again seemed as large and magical as it had when I was a child….spins through a universe.

If a sign grabs your attention, like Moon Marble Co, know that it may lead to an interesting demonstration of marble making. You may stop for gas and meet characters that will forever become a part of your story….or not.

Drive out of your way to see Boot Hill in Tombstone, Arizona; see Boot Hill in Dodge City, Kansas…have a sarsaparilla. Talk to a real cowboy, talk to a fake cowboy.

Ask some lady on a tour bus what brings her to the Grand Canyon, why does she smile driving all the people to the canyon. Find out why someone owns an old family motel in some out of the way town, what is the attraction.

How big are the windmills on the horizon if you drive as close as you can; just short of the no trespassing signs….find out.

What is causing the dust storm over the hill, what are the lights on the hills seemingly too far away, how big is the world’s largest ball of twine…how large are the shuttlecocks on the lawn at the museum in Kansas City (huge I tell ya)….how does fried cactus taste, rattlesnake, elk, buffalo….what does it feel like to sit where people built dwellings into the side of mountains?

My Joy tells me that I was different during those days. And I was.

I was unbound. I felt the sun, tasted the air, knew the enormity of our country…and my smallness among it all.

I left work behind for the first time since….since forever….I didn’t touch my phone most days….I lived in the moment….the moments we were sharing, the memories we were building with each passing mile.

I was alive. And was reminded….

….I am alive; some days I just forget to live. The four thousand miles we drove reminded me….more accurately afforded me the time and ability to remind myself….that I am alive.

so load up…..there is a foam henge (life size Stonehenge replica out of foam) between here and Virginia Beach….shrimp and grits on Lookout Mountain just before the hanggliding…..a café that doesn’t accept credit cards on the gulf coast….some winery in Indiana making a blueberry wine…..a pink block restaurant that serves only turkey in Michigan…..even Wickham statues between hwy 149 and hwy 13 just south of here are worth the drive…..

….throw a Moon Pie during the Moon Pie Festival, try some gator…..don’t say one day. Today.

Movies in the park with your neighbors….fishing in the creek away from it all…..

…………..and once a month….have that cheeseburger even though the doc says it may not be the best choice….sometimes, you just want a cookie….so eat a cookie.

And if anyone says “work will be there when you get back….let’s do it” and you can (you can by the way)…..just drive.

~ by mrcsworld on July 27, 2015.

One Response to “Do you want a cookie???”

  1. Best one you have written yet (That I have seen!) I am so happy that y’all came out to visit and had such a wonderful, serene time going home. You make life worth living. Love you both! “What’s my”

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